The Lucky Children

 A portrayed homage to the vanished memories

Omar Ghayatt delivered a brilliant proposal in his show “The Lucky Children,” with an artistic and aesthetic sensitivity that astonished the audience.


Rasha Abdelmouniem - El-Dostor Newspaper.
Cairo, 26.11.2023.




The Lucky Children is a dream-like ride that dives into the inner universe of three people grappling with memory disorders. The events take place on a desolate, windswept beach while they strive to rekindle their memories; in a world where past and present have merged, desperately clinging to the remnants of their fading memories as a lifeline, they celebrate these dimming recollections before they vanish entirely. On stage, the boundaries between childhood and old age blur and dissolve in a poignant display.


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Performers:  Maria Rebecca Sautter, Dominik Gysin, Michael Röhrenbach, Finja Keogh, Anna Habegger, Yannik Aebi
Director, Concept: Omar Ghayatt
Dramaturge: Magdalena Nadolska
Costume: Ernestyna Orlowska
Choreography Coach: Emma Murray
Soundscape / Music: Wendelin Schmidt-Ott
Scenography: Omar Ghayatt, Serge Nyfeler
Light Design: Demian Jakob
Set constructor: Serge Nyfeler
Assistant Director: Lara Morgan
Technical Director: Alina Moser
Production Management: Boss & Röhrenbach
Production: Studio Moroni
Co-production: Schlachthaus Theater Bern & Festival D-CAF, Cairo.

Financially supported by:

Kultur Stadt Bern
Amt für Kultur Kanton Bern
Burgergemeinde Bern
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
GVB Kulturstiftung
Mobiliar Vergabungsfonds
Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern
Gesellschaft zu Schuhmachern
t. Theatervideo-Fonds


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