The Lucky Children

(Creation 2023)

"The Lucky Children" is a dream-like ride that dives into the universe of empty bodies. Bodies that no longer hold memories or histories. It invites us into a universe in which different time periods are overlapping, in which the past and future cross paths. Childhood and advanced age - the stages in our lives which mark the construction and deconstruction of our own selves - will be dissolved together on stage. We will see our future in the mirror of the old bodies on stage and witness the end through the beginning. 

Like a looking glass, "The Lucky Children" shall allow us to peek into the universe of the empty bodies and thereby examine our relation to history, question the reliability of our recollections, and discover how the delicate web of memories ultimately shapes us. The performance's essence is therefore, not a study of the aging process nor Alzheimer but of our memories, history, and their role in shaping humankind, thereby tackling questions around the fragility of our bodies and our mortality, which often seems to contradict the self-concept of modern humankind.


World Premier: October 2023 > Festival D-CAF, Cairo.

Swiss Premier: November 2023 > Schlachthaus Theater Bern.


Schlachthaus Theater Bern & Festival D-CAF, Cairo.


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Dossier (English)