After 9/11 a climate of fear was created in which everyone could become a suspect. People started to be judged based on their features, language or origins. Suddenly someone’s face could become his mistake, because it revealed his identity to anyone. By changing his way of looking one might fooled the others, maybe even himself. But the fact is, no matter how hard someone tries, he can never get rid of his origin, his history. And this is the point the apparent political problem becomes a personal one. There are various examples of people who try to change their identity and who are all pushed back by an invisible border called “origin”. Because your identity and history are more than just your features. They are you.

Gate 11 is a performance which occupies itself with exactly this question; the question of changing an identity .

Gate 11

Previous Dates

Contact:  +41 (0) 78 619 68 31

Artistic & Technical Dossier

2013    Festival blauverschiebung, Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany.

2012      INTON'ACTION, Gallery Databaz, Angoulême, France.

2011    INFR'ACTION Sète, Sète, France.

2008    "Visibility 4", Galata perform, Istanbul, Turkey.

2008    "Da-Hena", PROGR “Zentrum für Kulturproduktion, Bern.

2007    "9th INTERAKCJE international festival", Piotrkow Trybualski, Poland.