Creation 2019

Provisional duration : 60 min

World Premiere: 9 & 14 - 17 February 2019 - Schlachtaus Theater - Bern

Divine Museum is about to uncover the hidden side of what is commonly considered the highest literature text in the Arabic culture: the Quran. In this project, Omar Ghayatt will present the artistic side of the Quran as he sees it: images, movements, rhythm, sounds, surreality. He will turn the stage into a "Divine Museum".

Islam and its holy scripture - the Quran - are often considered image-hostile, an assumption which was seemingly confirmed by several bloody events such as the caricature crisis (2005), the killing of the Dutch director Theo Van Gogh (2003), and the bloody attack on Charlie Hebdo (2015).

What a surprise it is thus to learn, that the Quran mostly consists of remarkably detailed images and scenes. Actually, Islam appears to have chosen art and images to transmit its message to its followers; the Quran is kind of screenplay which - strangely enough -  nobody ever tried to realize on stage or film.

For Omar Ghayatt, the Quran is mainly composed of very unique images and in this project, he will focus on the visual evocations more than spoken words. He will take the art piece "Quran", strip it of its religious meaning and present its images on stage, just as artworks exhibited in a museum.

Concept & Direction

Omar Ghayatt


Adham Hafez


Sara Koller

Simea Cavelti

Larbi Namouchi

Soundscape / Music

Wendelin Schmidt-Ott

Video Mapping / Prop and Effect Designer

Shadi Soundation

Light / Scenography / Scentography

Omar Ghayatt

Production manager

Alma Handschin

Production assistant

Jan Müller

Production : Studio Moroni

Coproduction : Schlachtaus Theater - Bern

Divine Museum

© Yoshiko Kusano